Revolution Canning

Rochester, NY
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Canning the Spare Revolution

“Canning Revolutionary Beverages in New York State”.  That’s how Revolution Mobile Canning in Rochester, NY describes itself. This immediately got us excited: did we have a revolutionary beverage for them!

Leaving behind successful careers in horticulture and the organic composting industry, Dan Johnson and Ted Miller launched Revolution Canning in 2017 with the goal of solving the canning and packaging needs of small to medium-sized breweries, cideries and distilleries in Upstate New York.  From our first call with Dan, we knew we had a kindred spirit who truly got us and understands the Spare Food ethos. Unphased by a revolutionary, never-before-seen-or-canned sparkling drink, they dived right in and signed on to be our canning partner. As the final stage in our production ecosystem, having a  New York canning solution for a quintessentially New York-crafted beverage seems just right.

As Dan and Ted proudly proclaim, “The Revolution will be Canned!”

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