Drink to Health. Yours and the Planet’s.

Refreshing. Rehydrating. Revitalizing. Spare Tonic is a delicious, modern take on an ancient elixir that nourishes the life you lead and the world you love.

Spare Tonic now at Whole Foods!

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We're NEXTY award winners!

We are so excited and honored to have Blueberry & Ginger Spare Tonic awarded with the NEXTY Award for BEST NEW BEVERAGE. The NEXTY Awards recognize the most progressive, impactful and trustworthy products in the natural products industry.

Image credit: Evan Sung

Spare Ingredient No. 1: Upcycled Whey

Whey is the main co-product of Greek-style yogurt manufacturing—and mostly gets discarded. That’s crazy since it’s packed with probiotics and nutrients, and has been enjoyed as a superfood for millennia. It’s the perfect fuel or pick-me-up for your active life.