Captain Lawrence Brewing

Peeksill, NY
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Craft Brewed on the Hudson

“Why is Spare Tonic produced in a brewery when it’s non-alcoholic?” This is a question we've heard numerous times when people learn that Spare Tonic is craft brewed. The answer is pretty simple. Early on in the creation of Spare Tonic, we realized that the unique process that gives our drink its unique characteristics has more in common with beer brewing process than with any other type of beverage manufacturing. That’s when we decided to call an old friend in the New York craft beer world, Scott Vaccaro at Captain Lawrence Brewing Co. in Elmsford, NY. Captain Lawrence is synonymous with craft brewing in New York State and Scott’s been waving the craft beer flag since he opened his brewery in 2006.  

Adam and Scott have a long history that goes back fifteen plus years to the early days of both Blue Hill at Stone Barns and Captain Lawrence. Many collaborations (and pints of beer) later, it seemed natural that Captain Lawrence could be the perfect co-manufacturing partner to bring Spare Tonic to market.

Always one for a new challenge, Scott was intrigued after sampling Spare Tonic and in one of numerous Covid-related new realities, realized that he had the ideal set-up for us in his temporarily shuttered River Outpost brewpub on the Hudson River in Peekskill. Not only that, but he also had the perfect brewer, the brilliant McLain Cheney, with all the craft brewing smarts necessary to shepherd our process from pilot plant into a commercial setting. We started running trials in the brewery and the rest is another amazing milestone in Spare Tonic history.

Proudly Craft Brewed in New York.

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