The White Moustache

Brooklyn, NY
The White Moustache makes the richest, most delicious strained yogurt around. Located in Red Hook, Brooklyn we source their whey co-product to make our tasty Spare Tonic.
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Shared Values, Interconnected Stories

If you've tasted WHITE MOUSTACHE’s amazingly creamy, delicious yogurt, you’ll understand instantly why we chose to use their whey as the key ingredient in Spare Tonic. If you haven’t, we’ll try to explain it. It’s hand strained using ancient Persian techniques that result in something simple, decadent and like no yogurt you’ve tried before (and should try!).  Many attest to the fact that the taste of White Moustache Yogurt  is life-changing. So it is no surprise that the love and care that sisters Homa and Nahid Dashtaki pour into every cup of their product extends to their reverence for the whey that naturally gets produced as a co-product of their unique process.

When was the last time you heard a business person bluntly (and proudly) tell you that they decided to pause the growth of their core product at 40% of capacity until they can find a viable outlet for their whey, even when they have a waiting list of almost 100 accounts for their yogurt? That’s the story of The White Moustache whey, and this  is who Homa is: clear, intentional, principled and, above all, deeply caring.

Adam has been cooking with White Moustache whey for years. When he began to develop the unique flavor profile for Spare Tonic, it was natural to choose such a consistently high-quality product (that also happened to need a home) as our primary ingredient.

What makes the collaboration so valuable (beyond the quality and consistency of the product)  is the shared benefit we experience: the whey needs a use so The White Moustache yogurt business can grow; Spare Tonic needs the whey to grow its own business; and the market gets two healthful products that support regional farms. A win, win, win in a virtuous cycle of growth that we want to repeat again and again. 

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