Collection: Spare Tonic

Introducing 4 unique flavors: Lemon & Ginger. Cucumber & Lime. Blueberry & Ginger. Peach & Turmeric. Real ingredients, non-GMO sparkling tonics made with upcycled whey.
Lemon & Ginger Spare Tonic
New Flavor
Cucumber & Lime Spare Tonic
Blueberry & Ginger Spare Tonic
Peach & Turmeric Spare Tonic
Spare Tonic Benefits
Real Ingredients
Packed with Probiotics
Loads of Electrolytes
B-Vitamins & Riboflavins
Upcycled For a Healthy Planet
Why Whey?

Whey is the co-product of making Greek-style yogurt and is packed with probiotics, vitamins and minerals. Who would want to waste that?

Our partners in whey

The White Moustache makes the richest, most delicious strained yogurt around. Located in Red Hook, Brooklyn we source their whey co-product to make our tasty Spare Tonic!

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