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Co-founders Adam and Jeremy Kaye grew up in a family of culinary entrepreneurs — a legacy that goes back at least four generations. The Spare Food Co. was born from their unique combination of life experience — a genetic love of good food, a deep social consciousness born of their youth in South Africa, a shared passion for travel and global culture, and a recognition that each of us has the power to make a difference in the world through the food choices we make every day.

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The Kaye Brothers
About Adam
About Jeremy

Adam’s journey to The Spare Food Co. began when he interrupted a nascent career at an environmental law think tank to attend the French Culinary Institute as a recipient of a James Beard scholarship, and went on to cook in and lead some of the most influential kitchens in DC and NY. For the past twenty years Adam has worked side-by-side with Dan Barber at Blue Hill as Chef, Culinary Director, and educator. He co-created the successful wastED pop-up restaurant concepts in New York and London, which garnered international acclaim. Adam is a leading light at the forefront of culinary innovation in the burgeoning Food Waste movement.

Jeremy learned early in his career that business can be a powerful force for good in the world. Working with an inspired group of mavericks at Patagonia to create a new model for sustainable clothing and environmental stewardship made a deep imprint. His extensive experience leading global innovation initiatives for mission-driven organizations, from startups and foundations to Fortune 100s, shaped his conviction that transformational change happens when we connect big ideas to simple actions that shift awareness and inspire new behaviors. It was only a matter of time until the parallels in his and Adam’s careers converged to create The Spare Food Co.

The spare philosophy
Spare [spair] - adjective: free for other use.

It is well documented that around 1/3 of all food that is produced is wasted. But where others see waste, we see overlooked ingredients and untapped goodness. Many are making great strides to reuse and redistribute food waste: from finding markets for ugly fruit to incorporating nutrient-rich spent grains in new products. But the opportunity for impact and change to the food system is vast. Few are focused on reducing the amount of waste we create in the first place. This is where Spare Food begins… at the beginning: preventing food from being wasted by shifting our perspective and making the overlooked, essential. 

Good for you and the planet.

Reducing food waste is shown to be the #1 way that we can reverse the effects of climate change. Our craveable drinks and new foods are created for your delight and wellbeing, and they are stepping stones toward the goals of feeding the world and doing our part to reduce climate change. We find more ways to use more surplus produce, overlooked parts of plants collected directly from farms, and edible ingredients that are produced as co-product or by-product from other food manufacturing processes. It’s become our mantra, “More ways to use more.”

Our passion for ingredients

Our recipes are ingredient-driven and developed by our Chef and Co-Founder, Adam Kaye to transform the Spare into delicious new versions of the foods and drinks you love most. Whether it’s meticulously capturing the vapor that contains the  essence of fruit for a sweet punch of flavor or choosing natural honey that supports pollinators and keeps beekeepers in business and while delivering antioxidants to our bodies, this simple equation is at the heart of what we do: a few real ingredients + plus creativity and care = culinary delights. 

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We're building a movement

To make our food system less wasteful, more equitable and more resilient.

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We’ve been fortunate to have defining professional experiences with innovative chefs, business owners and movement leaders who have inspired and informed The Spare Food Co.

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