Spare Food Shed

Thought Leadership

Ideating on how to make use of spare food is one of our favorite activities. Join us on our journey to share the spare.

Why We're Proudly Incrementalist

We believe in a post-food waste future, but the world in which it exists is only just beginning to take shape. There is no roadmap.
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Spare Traditions

Traditions of culinary thrift have thrived for centuries. We have lots to learn from them.

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Reduce Food Waste, Reverse Climate Change

Science tells us that reducing food waste is the #1 way we can reverse the effects of climate change. 

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More Ways to Use More

The beauty of broccoli leaves and oh so much more!
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Committed to Change

The inspiration behind the founding of The Spare Food Co.
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Reducing food waste is not like the tough dilemma of whether to forgo car or plane travel, or give up eating meat. We can reduce our impact on the planet just by using food instead of throwing it away.

Tristram Stuart, Food Waste Activist and author

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