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The inspiration behind the founding of The Spare Food Co.

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Jeremy Kaye
The Spare Food Co.
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We’ve been fortunate to have defining professional experiences that have inspired and informed The Spare Food Co. from its inception. Both PATAGONIA (Jeremy worked alongside an inspirational team of trailblazers to bring the first sustainable sportswear product line to market) and BLUE HILL RESTAURANT (Adam worked with Dan and David Barber) have set the standard for industry-defining businesses built from a clear mission and conscience. The Spare Food Co. pays homage to these companies and their leadership.

We are inspired daily by people, organizations and companies working in the world of food waste. DANA GUNDERS' pivotal research and writing continues to inform our understanding of the scope of the issue of food waste. Likewise, REFED has become the de facto source for information and resources, and continues to inspire and support efforts in the field. We are continually impressed by the concrete and highly practical efforts of the WORLD WILDLIFE FUND and the NATURAL RESOURCES DEFENSE COUNCIL. And, PROJECT DRAWDOWN informs and validates our work on a daily basis. From a practical and actionable perspective, the real-time data and information that LEAN PATH generates through their technology platform identifies targeted innovation opportunities for the Spare Food team.

No discussion about the issue of wasted food and resources is complete without recognizing a true hero and warrior, Doug McMaster from SILO in the UK. Doug’s purity of vision is admirable, inspirational, and downright brilliant! And while we are on that side of the Atlantic, we should also mention TRISTRAM STUART in the UK, MASSIMO BOTTURA in Italy and beyond, and chefs MATT ORLANDO in Copenhagen and PAUL SVENSSON in Stockholm, to name just a few.

Great examples exist of innovative food companies that get our creative juices (and our taste buds) flowing: REGRAINED, RENEWAL MILLS and TOAST ALE, are among a growing list. We are always impressed by their creativity and entrepreneurship. 

Inspiration for The Spare Food Co. comes in all forms. Dan Giusti from BRIGAID exemplifies the guts and single-minded determination to upend the status quo. His efforts to overhaul a broken school food system remind us that swimming against the current pays immeasurable dividends.

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